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It’s a program I watch for kill time. Although all are F & B business, it’s nice to see how the investors think, and the owners figure out their USP.

Most of the investors are not looking for perfection, but the potential and reaction. Some of them are fine with try and error, some of them will reject to offer anything if they found the first impression not right.

But one thing I agree is the partnership like marriage. We all have choices, and allow us to keep the personality and vision of the business.

Happy Monday, and I am looking forward to my holiday. I need some time and room to find out something.

stay healthy


早起梳洗後, 喝 1 杯暖水, 再吃 1, 2 片生薑片 (秋季除外), 暖身有利血液循環, 皮膚也會變好.

早餐要吃好, 午餐要吃飽, 晚餐吃最少 (最好是睡前 3 – 4 小時), 多菜少肉, 多吃海鮮及豆類 (痛風患者除外), 要吃好油 (沒有油, 頭髮乾燥, 皮膚也失去彈性), 還有湯水. 醫食同源, 不時不吃, 既享口福, 亦能養生.

晚上, 可以的話, 睡前浸腳 (身體有狀況時, 請向中醫查詢) , 偏熱的水已很好, 也可以買一些藥粉.

睡好覺, 是最好的護膚品.


Singapore based brands for OL

I love doing online shopping, or just seeing the lookbook 🙂

When it comes to work, we tend to choose some safe pieces, however, we also want to pick some elements not that boring.

And I found that, last year, I bought pieces from Singapore based

https://saturdayclub.hk/ <— dress/ jumpsuit

https://www.charleskeith.com/hk <– Shoes (I don’t like their handbags)

Couple years ago, I was quite into Korean trends. But the fit is too loose, and literally I have to update the wardrobe every season, because those are fad items. It’s so wired when you put it on on next season.

On weekends, I am free to wear whatever I want.



Capsule Wardrobe

Let me talk about the benefits of building a capsule wardrobe

  • save your time to mix and match (literally, all the pieces they can easily go well with each other, and with a varied combination)
  • save money, haha, you still can buy 1-2 pieces on trend items, however, the base (85%) is basic items
  • be kind to our environment

Tips of building a capsule wardrobe

  • select the key color, say black, navy, gray, depends your preference, pick the color you can wear comfortably
  • add neutral color like white, earth tone (beige, camel, brown), a little bit of blue/ or add some pastel colors (gray pink, gray purple) if you like feminine style
  • the category will include: outerwear (coat, jacket, sleeveless jacket), top (blouse, sleeveless top, tee), bottom (skirt, pants, jeans), shoes (flats, heels, sneakers), accessories (optional)
  • outerwear, max. 2 pieces for each sub cat.
  • top, bottom, max. 3 pieces for each sub cat., but like jeans, I only have one pair because of my job nature (I seldom wear jeans to work)
  • shoes, basically, I keep one pair of each sub cat.
  • bags, I only use backpack, LOL, choose a style can look nice with ALL looks (go to asos.com)
  • if you live somewhere with seasons, you can split into spring/summer and fall/winter, buy more 3/4 sleeves for spring and fall
  • quality comes first, so that you can wear for 3 – 5 years (the reason we build a capsule wardrobe not mean to change it every single season)
  • review the wardrobe monthly or bi-monthly, update it if needed


stay healthy

Home workout

I won’t say I love Plank. But it’s really convenient, basically you can do it at home with little space. You only need to download Interval Timer apps.

You can go YouTube to search the correct pose, and find some challenges at Pinterest. The reason to train the abs is to protect our lower back and get strength. If you are going to lose weight, start with burning belly fat.

Other choices like wall sit, boat pose, bird dog crunches also good for abs training.

No time, don’t want to commit gym membership <— excuses, do the things that make you happy and healthy.


stay healthy · yoga

Build up healthy habits at workplace

To keep the energy, we can

What to drink?
Water! Apart from coffee, try green tea, black tea, floral tea.

Healthy Snack? (whole food is a good idea)
Sweet – dark chocolate, jujube, goji berries, fruits like apple/ blueberries
Savory – nori
Natural – nuts (no added sugar/ salted)

Do not cross your legs when sitting on chair.
Try to walk around (go to washroom or pantry) say every single hour.
If you feel your body is tired, do a simple seated twisting* on chair.

Those suggestion is good for eyes, brain function, digestive system and anti-stress.

*move your hips close to the edge of the chair; keep your legs hip width apart, toes pointing forward,
use your right hand grab the top of the chair, place your left hand on the right thigh,
inhale – sit tall,
exhale – twist to your right side
stay 3 – 5 breaths, change side
Tips: only twist the upper body when exhale, keep the legs



我相信風水. 這是一種文化, 統計學, 但若太過迷信 (以影響到日常生活作界線), 我就覺得不必了.

同時, 我是一個相信因果, 吸引力法則的人. 風水, 會因人的選擇而所改變, 所有宗教也是導人向善. 「人為善, 福雖未至, 禍已遠離; 人為惡, 禍雖未至, 福已遠離. 」所以做好自身, 其他事聽聽作參考, 做好準備就好了.

有多餘的時間, 精力, 做運動也好, 義工也行. 想太多, 會生病噢 (思傷脾, 這是中醫所說的, 一種病對應一種情緒).

feng shui


Yoga Props

I am a student who like using props.

Please use the blocks, if you close your chest when doing triangle pose, half moon pose,
uneven hips when doing half split, pigeon,
tight hips when sitting tall, bound angle pose

Make good use of the belt if the body is not ready at this point.

I love using wall as well, try to do side bending, downward facing dog, high lunge with wall. And remember that feeling, you will know the difference.

Practice with awareness 🙂