Capsule Wardrobe

Let me talk about the benefits of building a capsule wardrobe

  • save your time to mix and match (literally, all the pieces they can easily go well with each other, and with a varied combination)
  • save money, haha, you still can buy 1-2 pieces on trend items, however, the base (85%) is basic items
  • be kind to our environment

Tips of building a capsule wardrobe

  • select the key color, say black, navy, gray, depends your preference, pick the color you can wear comfortably
  • add neutral color like white, earth tone (beige, camel, brown), a little bit of blue/ or add some pastel colors (gray pink, gray purple) if you like feminine style
  • the category will include: outerwear (coat, jacket, sleeveless jacket), top (blouse, sleeveless top, tee), bottom (skirt, pants, jeans), shoes (flats, heels, sneakers), accessories (optional)
  • outerwear, max. 2 pieces for each sub cat.
  • top, bottom, max. 3 pieces for each sub cat., but like jeans, I only have one pair because of my job nature (I seldom wear jeans to work)
  • shoes, basically, I keep one pair of each sub cat.
  • bags, I only use backpack, LOL, choose a style can look nice with ALL looks (go to
  • if you live somewhere with seasons, you can split into spring/summer and fall/winter, buy more 3/4 sleeves for spring and fall
  • quality comes first, so that you can wear for 3 – 5 years (the reason we build a capsule wardrobe not mean to change it every single season)
  • review the wardrobe monthly or bi-monthly, update it if needed


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