stay healthy · yoga

Build up healthy habits at workplace

To keep the energy, we can

What to drink?
Water! Apart from coffee, try green tea, black tea, floral tea.

Healthy Snack? (whole food is a good idea)
Sweet – dark chocolate, jujube, goji berries, fruits like apple/ blueberries
Savory – nori
Natural – nuts (no added sugar/ salted)

Do not cross your legs when sitting on chair.
Try to walk around (go to washroom or pantry) say every single hour.
If you feel your body is tired, do a simple seated twisting* on chair.

Those suggestion is good for eyes, brain function, digestive system and anti-stress.

*move your hips close to the edge of the chair; keep your legs hip width apart, toes pointing forward,
use your right hand grab the top of the chair, place your left hand on the right thigh,
inhale – sit tall,
exhale – twist to your right side
stay 3 – 5 breaths, change side
Tips: only twist the upper body when exhale, keep the legs

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