When it comes to styling, it’s a game about showing the part you are most satisfied. How about the part not that good? Hidden it and make it better and better through workout/ skin care.

Do not think the loose fit can help to hide something.
So what to do? Choose a size up for regular fit, especially bottoms, say you are in size 6, pick size 8. Remember try it on! (If you do online shopping, try and return if needed, do not keep anything not suits you.) Apart from Black, consider Navy for all season, and Burgundy for Fall/ Winter. Pair with light color tops.

One piece, wide legs pants are only for tall?
Well, I’d say it depends on the design, focus on the waistline. High waistline can make you look taller (you know what I means, haha), or wear a belt, and goes with pointed flats/ heels.

One focal point in the total look
We can pick one item as the star of the total look, clothing, accessory, even your make up. If you mean to more is more occasionally, just wear it with confidence.

p.s. I am sad to know that Karl Lagerfeld has passed away.

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