Daily Yoga Pose

If you don’t have time go to yoga studio, try to do poses below before you go to bed

  • Pigeon Pose
    • from downward facing dog
    • step the right foot forward (make sure the knee is 90 degree), slide the left leg back, point the toes back, but tuck the toes if you have knee issue
    • walk your right foot over the left hip
    • keep the hip square
    • turn the left thigh in
    • Optional: put your forehead on bed, palms face up, relax the shoulders (if you can do it now, be patient)
    • you will feel the stretching at outer hip
    • stay 5 minute if you can
    • go back to downward facing dog slowly
    • change side
  • Butterfly Pose
    • lie down
    • bend the knees and bring the soles together (if you are not that flexible, the shape will be a diamond shape)
    • put block under knees if you want to have restorative one
  • Short Meditation (or meditate in the morning and before bed)
    • start from 1 minute or even do 1 minute meditation
    • natural breathing
    • ideally, no music


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